Saturday, 14 March 2020

NGO presents public lecture on Education

Empowered Vessels For Change Initiative (EVCI) is a non- profit organization that is on a mission to mobilize communities, addresses challenges facing young children and women, and enable them realize their full potentials through the promotion of  programs on education, health care, recreational skills, empowerment in addition to providing moral support.

As part of our Organization goal to promote programs on education, which includes special education (inclusion),  they would be having a Public Lecture  for School Proprietors, Parents, Educationist, Teachers, NGOs, policy makers, disability advocates to get together to learn, debate and share methods of building and promoting Inclusive education in government and private schools.

The event plans to hold on the 16th of April . 2020 and they would be hosting 200 Participants as a national knowledge sharing platform and generated impetus for closer cooperation and dialogue with each other so as to improve quality of education.

 The objectives of the event are:
1. To create a brighter future for children with Special Needs and Parents.

2. To plan towards improving the availability, accessibility and quality of edu services for all Children with Special Needs.

3. To persuade school proprietors and parents to give early intervention to a child weak areas in their education and also to improve and strengthen the education sector to practice inclusion nationwide.

4. To update teachers, school proprietors and therapist skills in identifying and managing children with special needs.

5. To ensure the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) becomes reality in Education practice in Nigeria.

The Theme for the Education Program : Thinking Differently: the truth about Disability.

We all know how the society at large look down on people with Disability, most especially how schools don't want to embrace (take them in) because of their incapacity.

This is an Awareness Program to change the notion of people about PWDS (People With Disabilities) what are the government doing about it and how schools in Nigeria, particularly here in Lagos practice Inclusion.

This is another approach we employ government to do something about it, by providing accessible learning spaces, well trained teachers, also adaptation of curriculum for all levels of education to be done by the ministry of education in Collaboration with SUBEB and Education Districts.

Alot has to be done, if we need a great change in the Educational system in Nigeria.

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